Scentwork and Search dogs are essentially the same thing! Your dog using their nose to locate a specific scent in a particular area or environment. BUT there are some differences in the search style, one searches an area and the other follows trails or tracks, so we have split them into their own groups.  We have a wide variety of classes, workshops and training sessions at your disposal. We offer both group and 1-2-1 sessions which can all be catered to individuals requirements. No previous experience is needed because we can start at the beginner levels and work your skills up to advanced. Let us take you on a fun journey as you teach your dog how to find the smallest bit of scents in a variety of environments.

"Progress not perfection!"

Scentwork is all about having fun while learning and boy do these dogs have fun!


Do you have a dog that is easily distracted or really busy that you wonder where the off switch is? Well scentwork can help teach them a focus (on the task at hand and also to your direction). Just 10 minutes of scenting can be the equivalent to an hours physical exercise! How is that possible you ask?? I can give you the long and technical answer...but its not as fun as seeing it in action so come and join a class to find out for yourself!

As this is a team exercise you will be able to build on your existing bond by working together with your dog and learning to recognise subtle changes in body language and also how your body positioning can affect your dogs search. On all of our courses you will also learn the geeky (yet fascinating) theory behind scentwork and what makes your dogs noses the best asset they have????

Lastly... as all of our classes and workshops are on lead (with safe distances between dogs) even reactive dogs can join in the fun! We have had many dog and people reactive dogs take part in scentwork and the difference in them when they learn the game is amazing! Its not a cure by any means BUT as a lot of reactivness is due to fear and low confidence, scentwork can help build a more happy and confident dog over time. All you need to do is make us aware beforehand so we can make sure everyone is working safely.

Check our what courses we have to offer from complete beginner to more advance learning. Something for everyone and their four legged friend to get into. Not sure which one would be right for you? or perhaps you would like to know a little more, than please send us an email and we can guide you in the right direction.  


Scentwork comprises of teaching your dog how to locate novel scents such as Kong, gun oil and others in a variety of environments. Courses from beginners to advanced searches available


Search Dogs comprises of teaching your dogs how to find people and human scent on articles to be found over a larger area that the dogs must trail or track on.

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