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Rhea Cutmore Mantrailing UK Instructor & Assessor

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So what is Mantrailing I hear you ask?!  Well the short answer is teaching dogs to find people..Simple

Its similar to how the Search & Rescue dogs work as their dogs are also trained to find any human scent. The main difference is that your dog will always find their person at the end of the trail.

Search & Rescue dogs are actually used mainly to find evidence of a direction of travel, to help assist the larger team in locating the missing person. 

The other great thing about this course is that owners get to join in and be the 'missing person' for other dog much fun is that!

How do you join a Mantrailing course?

Dogs and owners must first complete an Introduction workshop which is usually about 3 hours. During this workshop we teach you; line handling skills, scent pairing, trail laying and of course practice trails for you and your dogs too! These workshops are £75 per Dog/handler team.

After this workshop is completed you will be able to join in our regular training sessions at a variety of locations to develop your dog teams skills and abilities. Training sessions are usually 2-3 hours is £25 per dog/handler teams. We also have a private Facebook community group where we can share information, videos and training session information. 

Who can take part?

This is the best thing...dogs of all ages, breed and physical ability can join in as it is a low impact and all inclusive activity!! We have Staffies, Frenchies, Labs, Spaniels, Shepherds, Collies, Chihuahuas and mixed breeds of all sizes! We cater to the individual dog so any dog can learn this!

We even have mini handlers (children) take part with their dogs but of course all children must be supervised by an adult. 

Mantrailing can be done just for fun, or you can work towards completing assessments with Mantrailing UK! Become the ultimate search & rescue team with your four legged friend!

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