Cloud Nine K9s Scentwork Courses, Workshops and Training Sessions

​Welcome to our Scentwork page! Here you will find a list and information on all of our courses, workshops and training sessions. Dogs of all ages, breeds and physical abilities are welcome on each course and we encourage the whole family to join in the fun too!

Reactive dogs are also welcome, with prior notice, as all dogs will be worked on-lead and all will have enough space to work in safely. 

Courses are run year round  at a field in Brasted, Kent.

Also all courses are also available on a 1-2-1 basis that can be catered around your schedule, please email for more details.

We cater for complete beginners, scentwork enthusiasts and for anyone looking to compete!

  • Beginners Course - Open for all dogs as no previous experience is needed for this is a beginners level. We start with one scent - the Red Kong. Over the six weeks we will be teaching you dog how to search for the whole scent, chunks of Kong and also tiny 3mm pieces. We will cover how to teach a passive indication as well as many search areas such as pips, bags, chair/boxes, environments and vehicles, to give you and your dogs the skills to practice at home. This will be run as a 6 week course.

  • Intermediate Courses - This course is the follow on from the beginners course and consists of learning two news scents and a new search method! You also get a kit with each course with the items you need for practice at home. This is a six week course and consists of two types of searches (outlined below)

   Passive search course: In this course we cover all the same search areas as the beginners but with a new scent, we also cover things like setting up search areas without contamination and even more geeky knowledge on scentwork and your dogs superhero nose!

          Active Search Course: Here we introduce a 3rd scent to your dogs repertoire! Only this time we are changing up the search areas. For this scent your dog will be locating it and retrieving it back to you! We teach every aspect of this search so not to worry if your dog doesn't retrieve...yet!! We have many ways to help you teach this and the new scent at the same time!


  •      Training Sessions & Progression: We hold regular training sessions for those that want to hone their scentwork skills and join a fun scentwork community. We have three progression levels for each course that can be worked on through training sessions. Level 1 can be obtained at the end of each course and then Levels 2&3 through progression training.

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