Terms & Conditions

Please read through the terms and conditions before signing up to any classes/workshops/1-2-1s. By signing the application forms you are agreeing to the following T&Cs:


1. Payment

With signing-up for any services provided by Cloud Nine K9s, payment is expected immediately. If not done so, Cloud Nine K9s reserves the right to refuse participation in the service you have signed up for. 

Fees and prices are subject to change without notice. Price at time of booking applies.

All services/courses/workshops must be prepaid. No admittance will be allowed unless the course fee has been paid in full. If you wish to pay in cash, please email us for details.

2.Booking time tables

When booking a single or multiple 121 sessions they must be booked in a timely manner. For single sessions, participants must book that session within 4 weeks of purchase. For block booking of four sessions, participants have 8 weeks from date of purchase to book these sessions. For block bookings of 6 sessions, participants have 12 weeks from the date of purchase to book these sessions. If sessions are not booked within these timeframes the sessions are voided and no refund will be issued. 

3. Participants

Scentwork & Mantrailing workshops/classes/training sessions are “first come first serve”. Cloud Nine K9s reserves the right to cancel or postpone any event/service. The number of participants is limited unless listed differently.  Cloud Nine K9s is allowed to refuse the participation to anyone without having to give a reason. Anyone taking part under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult (18yrs and up) at all times. Cloud Nine K9s cannot be held responsible for any minors.

4. Cancellation policy

The cancellation fee is 100% (non-refundable), unless the space can be otherwise assigned.

In case the participant or the participants´ dog becomes ill, so that they cannot take part in the event/service, you have to show a doctors or licensed veterinarian note stating such. You will then be signed up for the next possible course to make up for the one you could not attend. Alternatively, you can find a replacement yourself and must let Cloud Nine K9s know in writing.

​5. Participation rules

Dogs must wear a flat collar and/or harness for 1-2-1 training and UK Sniffer Dog classes / Workshops. Fabric or leather leads only (no chain or extendable leads).

Mantrailing - Any participant is required to have a harness and a long lead on their dog. Participants will not be allowed to participate or receive a refund if the participant wants to put the long lead on a collar and refuse to put a harness on the dog.

The following items are NOT PERMITTED at any training session/course/seminar/workshop under any circumstances: Electric shock collars, including citronella; any other device that causes discomfort, pain or fear to the dog; Prong or pinch collars; Any equipment that the trainer deems unacceptable.

​6. Behaviour in and around the training areas

You have to follow the guidelines of the trainers of Cloud Nine K9s. All dogs are to be kept on lead whilst attending classes/workshops/121s. If permission is given for off lead exercise than the participants take full responsibility for their dogs welfare, behaviour and safety.

Dogs must be on lead if not worked, unless the trainer gives consent that you can walk your dog off-lead in this area. Please note to always be friendly with pedestrians and traffic participants. You are required to wear a high visibility vest or similar, especially when working your dog in areas with a lot of traffic. Cloud Nine K9s does not take any responsibility for interference with the law or injuries while participating in the event/service.

Your dogs are to be left in the car or securely closed in while we are working other dogs. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to make sure that the car has enough air circulation/flow and water is provided for the dogs’ health and safety.

​7. Health of the dogs

Only healthy and fully vaccinated (or titre tested) dogs are allowed to participate in any event/service that Cloud Nine K9s is offering. The participant ensures that the dog is free of diseases and fully vaccinated. If a bitch comes or is in season, the event/service organiser has to be informed and this dog will not be allowed to take part in any indoor or outdoor class/workshop if there are any males in attendance for health and welfare reasons. It is down to the owner to be aware of any upcoming or potential seasons. No refunds will be given for classes/workshops missed in the event of a clients dog coming into season.  If a dog falls ill shortly before or during the event/service, Cloud Nine K9s and/or the trainer/organiser is to be informed immediately to discuss further action and prevent a possible disease from spreading. Any dog suffering from a potential contagious illness will not be allowed to take part in classes/workshops and No refund will be given for any sessions missed. All dogs accepted require to be de-wormed and de-flead regularly.

​8. Liability and insurance

The participation in any events/services offered by Cloud Nine K9s is on your own risk which means the insurance lies with the participant/s themselves. We therefore make you aware, that you have to be insured to be able to participate in any events/services. The participant is fully reliable for any damages/harm done by either themselves, their dogs or the people that came with them. Cloud Nine K9s and the organiser/s and trainer/s, instructor/s do not take ANY responsibility for ANY damage/harm done to a person/s or a thing/s (e.g. buildings, cars, dogs, personal belongings etc.). You must be able to prove that your dog is insured if requested to do so. The participant takes the full responsibility for his/her dog/s, even if acting upon instruction of a trainer/s or organiser/s.

You are fully responsible for your own and your dogs` actions. Cloud Nine K9s cannot be asked to take over any costs for damage or harm done to you or your dog/s.

Cloud Nine K9s does not take any responsibility in case of injury or death of your dog/s, other animals or yourself or third parties.

Cloud Nine K9s takes all reasonable precautions within the structure of our training sessions/workshops/courses to avoid injury resulting from dog bites. However, Cloud Nine K9s accepts no responsibility for damage or injury resulting from dog bites occurring to clients or their dogs while attending training sessions/seminars/courses/workshops. The Control of Dogs Act 1986 section 21 - "Liability of owner for damage by Dog" applies within our classes/seminars/workshops/trainings/introduction courses and on our premises or public premises (rented from a third party or owned).

All instances of accident or injury must be reported to the dog trainer/instructor at the time they occurred.

If your dog is not insured than you, the owner, hold full financial liability.

9. Equipment and clothing

With every event/service you will need good, comfortable shoes (hiking boots or similar) and you need to be dressed appropriately for any weather conditions. The participant is responsible to inspect the quality and functionality of the harness, long lead and collar of the dog/s.

10. Length of the event/service

The trainer/organiser will determine the length of the event/seminar based on the progress of each participant and their dogs as well as the number of participants and the physical and psychological capability of each dog. The trainer will act in the best interest of the dog and can therefore order a rest for a dog or put a halt on further training sessions. If the participant is late for the event/service, it is their own fault and the trainer/organiser will not stop/pause the event/service because of this. The participant is not eligible to make up for any missed hours/days or get a reduction of cost because of such. 

Once a class has begun it is not possible to transfer to a different class at a later date, missed classes will not be refunded. 

11. ​Cancellation of a contract or postponing of an event/service by Cloud Nine K9s

1.     Cloud Nine K9s reserves the right to withdraw from a contract without having to obey a timeline/date, especially when a participant does not obey the contract and/or breaks any animal right laws/guidelines. This also applies if the participant puts others and/or their dog/s in danger, or if you and/or your dog is not sufficiently insured.

2.     Events/services generally take place in every weather.

3.     In case of a change of date, place or time, Cloud Nine K9s will inform the participant.

4.     Cloud Nine K9s reserves the right to postpone or cancel an event/service if:

5·     There is not enough participants. If that is the case, then Cloud Nine K9s will let the other participants know 2 days prior to the event/service.

6·     If the trainer/instructor falls ill or cannot hold the event/service for other reasons. If that is the case, Cloud Nine K9s will find another date or will try to find another trainer/instructor.

7.     If the event/service still takes place, even if there is not enough participants, Cloud Nine K9s reserves the right to shorten the time/length of the event/service accordingly.

 8.    Cloud Nine K9s will not refund any costs that are caused by a third party (e.g. flights, hotels, etc.).

12. No guarantee of success

Cloud Nine K9s will not guarantee any success while or after any class/workshop/training session/ 1-2-1/ any event or services of any kind.

13. Pictures and videos

Cloud Nine K9s reserves the right to take pictures and videos during an event/service. Every participant herewith agrees for these to be published on the website, social media or written form. Participants are not allowed to take pictures, videos, etc. without the consent of the other participants and Cloud Nine K9s.

If you do not want to be filmed or photographed (or your dog), you need to let Cloud Nine K9s or the organisers know in writing. The owner allows and consents for their dog to be photographed, videotaped, and/or used in any media or advertising by Cloud Nine K9s without prior approval. All such photographs and videos etc. are the property of Cloud Nine K9s. 

14. Non-competition clause

Any individual participating in introduction courses, seminars, workshops, instructor courses, trainings or any other services that are offered by any of the Mantrailing UK Ltd instructors (or head-instructor), agrees not to conduct/hold/offer such or similar, to the general public or another business or third parties within the United Kingdom. This includes Mantrailing introduction courses, Mantrailing seminars, Mantrailing workshops, Mantrailing trainings within two consecutive years after the event. ONLY with written consent of the Mantrailing Head Instructor can this agreement be changed.

15. Covid 19 restrictions (Temporary measure)

Cloud Nine K9s will hold PPE equipment in the form of gloves for participants, if participants want to wear facemasks than they are required to bring them with them. Participants will not touch equipment without gloves and will stay 2 meters from other participants and trainer. 

If the participant or someone they have come into contact with is showing symptoms than the participant my inform Cloud Nine K9s immediately and the participant will be moved to the next course with availability that matches the cancelled courses specification. If this is not accepted by the owner than a balance of 50% of the remaining course costs will be refunded.