A Bit About Us


Rhea has developed her love of scentwork after spending thirteen years working at the Metropolitan Police Dog Training Establishment within the kennels. Being able to observe and participate in all forms of the puppies and Police Dogs training had a cascading effect and a desire to bring that fun to the pet dog world! Rhea has taken park in several scentwork courses and is a qualified scentwork instructor, Mantrailing UK Instructor and Mantrailing UK Assessor.

Rhea has spent the last twenty plus years working in the canine industry, caring for pet dogs at a rescue centre and then the majority at the police kennels. During this time she completed many qualifications including a Degree in Canine Behaviour & Training, Canine first aid and multiple  Scentwork qualifications. But the learning never stops and Rhea continues to improve on her scent theory and education with ongoing courses and webinars. 

Scentwork is one of the UKs fastest growing canine sports as it's an all inclusive sport. Which means that any dogs, regardless of age, breed or physical ability can join in. This isn't just for your working dogs like Police dogs, Military or medical detection dogs but for YOUR dogs as well!

There are so many benefits for pet dogs learning scentwork, not only is it super fun and a great source of mental stimulation, there are several behavioural benefits too! Scenting is a natural behaviour that releases Serotonin (the happy hormone) which can help calm a nervous or anxious and build confidence at the same time. Check out our services page to learn more.


Meet The Team


Stig & Lily

Head of Scentwork & Search Dogs

Both Stig and Lily began their scentwork and search dog journey late in life...proving that old dogs can indeed learn new tricks!

They are the testers for all new scents and search ideas. They work for chicken and love their jobs.



Owner & Head Trainer


Rhea has worked in the canine industry for over 20 years. Gaining several qualifications along the way and is now specialising in Scentwork & Search Dogs. Her passion for scentwork has lead to her delving into this fascinating world and becoming qualified to be able to bring this fun, all-inclusive activity to the pet dog world.



Junior Sniffer Dog

Hugo has joined the team in Jul 21 and has been promoted from sniffer pup to Junior Sniffer Dog! Things are going well and we have high hopes for this super smart woofer! Such a clever boy and has fitted in with the team well. Hugo has gone from rescue dog to super sniffer dog - proudly smashing  his Mantrailing Level 1 assessment!